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The Site may not accept orders in cases where there are insufficient solvency guarantees, incomplete or incorrect orders, or if the products are no longer available. In such cases, the Site will inform users via email regarding the communication stating that the contract has not been perfected and the Site has not proceeded with the purchase order, specifying the reasons. If the products displayed on the Site lemanu.it are no longer available at the time of the last access to the site or after the order form has been received, the Site will inform about the unavailability of the ordered products within thirty (30) days from the day following the receipt of the order by the Site. If the order form is submitted and a price is paid for items that are no longer available on the Site, the Site will refund the user the amount paid for those items. By submitting the order form, the user confirms their knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the additional information contained on the lemanu.it site via links, including the “Shipping” section and the “Returns and Exchanges” section.

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Orders are processed after payment verification. In the event of errors, the amount charged to your credit card may be refunded.

Lebravo ships worldwide via express courier.

Shipping costs for Italy are FREE.


Lebravo ships using the DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) formula to EU countries, so the goods will arrive directly at the designated location without any additional payment beyond what was paid at the time of the order.

For all other countries, the DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) formula is used, so the courier may present a separate invoice requesting payment of duties and taxes imposed by local authorities. If you reside in a non-EU country, we recommend that you inquire about local taxes and duties before placing an order or contact info@lebravo.it.


Lebravo’s customers should be able to purchase the desired product with peace of mind. For any issues, the customer should notify us via email at info@lebravo.it.



The following payment methods are accepted by LEBRAVO:

CREDIT CARD – STRIPE Sensitive credit card information is directly transmitted to the secure Stripe server (stripe.com) and will not be displayed or stored on our servers.

BANK TRANSFER It is possible to pay for the order via bank transfer to the following IBAN: IT71V0538769670000044308928.